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International Legends

Posted by Clément Manelphe on 16. 03. 2014 01:54  •   •  Comments (0)  • 

Hi everyone !

My name is Clément, i'm 16. I have one sister. I like sports in general (except javelin) and I love to listening to music (Electro, Hardcore). 

In 2015, I'll go to Sweden so give me your names if you go too ! See you soon guys !

Posted by Sigrid P. on 05. 03. 2014 15:38  •   •  Comments (0)  • 


It´s a long time ago since I went to Prague. I miss you all very much. We had a lot of fun and it was the most amazing time for me. I hope to see you here in Germany!!!











Posted by Sophie Osthöfer on 05. 03. 2014 15:36  •   •  Comments (0)  • 

Hello everyone,

I wanted to tell everyone who was in Prague that I miss you all. And to the other ones who I didn't met yet that I'm looking forward to meet you in Bremen, Germany.

Greetings Sophie

Hi everyone !

Posted by Chloé Duprez on 25. 12. 2013 21:54  •   •  Comments (0)  • 

I'm Chloé, I'm 16 years old. I live in Sully sur Loire near Gien. I'm studying economy in high shcool Bernard Palissy. I've got two older brothers, Thomas and Clement, and i've got one cat.

Like all teenagers i love listenning to music such as Eminem, Bastille, One republic, Lorde, The killers and Arctic monkeys. I like watching movies and series, playing piano, be with my friends and travel around the world; that's why i'm here for the comenius project.

I've already been to England three times, in Worcester, Brighton, Cambridge and twice in Italy.

here it is my facebook account https://www.facebook.com/chloe.duprez.9 if you want to add me as friend!

See you soon and Merry Christmas !!!!

Posted by Marie Guillet on 19. 11. 2013 19:40  •   •  Comments (0)  • 

I will go to Spain , I'm very very happy ! 

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