Sour Cream Paprica Chicken

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Dish history

These food is the typical and popular home Czech dish. In the Czech Republic are generally popular sauces using cream. We serve it with pasta – rigatoni. We know that pasta is not Czech meal but we use it often as a side dish. Chicken with paprika is a delicious and most of Czech kids like it. We hope you will like it too.


2 servings: 1/2 chicken, 1 onion, 1 cup sour cream, flour, 2 tablespoons oil, sweet paprika, salt


First slice onion. Than fry it in oil in a saucepan. Add chicken and fry chicken each side.

Than add the paprika. After while pour water. Put in the oven and bake covered until chicken is nearly cooked. Then bake uncovered for a while so the chicken can get a crust. Remove the meat and mix the sauce with hand mixer. Thicken with sour cream or cream with flour. season the sauce with a salt Serve with pasta or rice.


Own opinion

I love this meal. :)


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