Chicken with stuffing, mashed potatoes and cucumber salad

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Dish history



whole chicken potatoes spring onion three rolls milk butter two egg yolk two egg white salt garlic parsley sausage (St. Wenceslas) two cucumbers water sugar vinegar


Stuffing :

1) We cut into pieces three rolls , soaked in milk, butter and two egg yolks .

2)We cut into small pieces of parsley.

3)We also cut into small pieces and add the sausage St. Wenceslas.

4)Ee whipped two egg whites.

5)We stir and add salt.

Potatoes :

6)We scraped potatoes and cut into small pieces.

7). We give potatoes in a pot with salted water and cook .Potatoes boil about 20 minutes.

8)Until then finish cooking the potatoes ,we poking potatoes and add the chopped spring onions .

Chicken :

9)Rinse chicken and stuffing we put inside the chicken.

10)We must sew this hole.

11)We bake chicken for two hours. We bake chicken in butter and pour water.

12)Chicken sprinkle with cumin.

Cucumber salad :

13)We grated two cucumbers.

14)We add 2-3 spoons vinegar.

15)We pour two glasses of water and add three coffee spoons sugar.

Drink : Raspberry juice



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