Vegetable salad with bread and garlic-herb butter

Posted by fufici on 20. 10. 2013 13:31  •   • 

Dish history


Ingredience: 15x radish 1x cucumber 2x orange peppers ? lettuce 1 spoon balsamic fresh baguette with garlic-herb butter


1. We cut for small pieces washed radishes and we give it to the medium bowl.

2. We'll wash cucumber, cut for small pieces and add to the radish

3. We rid orange peppers of their top, rinse under water and cut in half. A cut it into medium sized pieces.

4. Lettuce, rinse under water and cut in half to half. One half wrap and place in the fridge and the other half slice on tiny pieces.

5. We mix salad, add one spoon of balsamic and mix it again


6. Fresh baguette cut on a diagonal pieces and then anoint with garlic-herb butter


7. We give salad to the plate and we give two pieces of baguette


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