Junior Language School Lupacova

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The Junior Language School Lupacova was founded in 1913 near to the centre of the capital of the Czech Republic – Prague. In November 2013, it will have been 100 years since the time the first students sat at their desks. This century of existence was and will be celebrating throughout the year – the celebrations have began in May this year. They started by a performance of all the pupils in Prague concert house Zofín. The school has been completely reconstructed. We can see a new facade and windows and painted corridors here. Pupils are offered extensive language teaching: English, French, Spanish, German and Russian. The school is also proud of visits of various Czech and foreign professors. The visit of Bill Gates from Microsoft was the most important. The school, together with a partner school, fights against cyber bullying in a project called Anti-Cyber Bullying. The school belongs to the best junior schools in Prague. The interest of parents to enrol their child at this school shows it. This year the school have opened four first classes for about 100 new pupils.


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