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Information about us!

Hi everyone!

We are students from Primary School called: 'Lupáčova'. We live in the capital city of Czech Republic, in Prague. It's very beautiful city! We go to the ninth class. Our team is compose of four peoples. Phil, Lenka, Andy and James. Name of our team is: 'They'.

We decided to take part in this project, because we would like to improve foreign languages and meet new people.

Phil (14 years)

Cute, friendly, sociable, crazy, funny, intelligent boy.

- English, Spanish

- horseriding, drawing, cooking, travelling

His favourites foods are lasagne and pizza.

He likes French and Italian kitchen.

Lenka (15 years)

Beautiful, friendly, sociable, funny, intelligent girl.

- English, Spanish

- playing the piano, reading books, listening music

Her favourites foods are salats and seafoods.

She likes Czech and French kitchen.

Andy (15 years)

Friendly, sociable, funny, intelligent boy.

- English, Spanish

- playing squash, reading books, listening music

His favourites foods are pizza and sushi.

He likes Japanese and Chinese kitchen.

James (14 years)

Clever, friendly, sociable, funny, intelligent boy.

- English, Spanish

- playing football, tennis, watching films

His favourites foods are spaghetti and carp.

He likes Czech and Italian kitchen.

We look forward to You!

These are information about us.

Thank You for reading.

Phil, Lenka, Andy, James




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