Potato salad in a ham rolls

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Dish history

How did the potato salad originate? We do not know exactly. In books of famous cooks Magdalena Rettigová and Marie Sandterová from 19th century we cannot find salad in its current form. It is known since 1924. We use it also as a side dish. On Christmas we serve it with a breaded fried fish - carp.


1)Four carrots 2)Five pieces of pickled cucumber 3)Half of celery Five kilograms of potatoes 4)White yogurt 5)Two onions 6)Mayonnaise


Boil potatoes, peel them and cut into little cubes. Boil vegetables and also cut into little cubes. Add onions and the vegetables into the potatoes. Then we will add mayonnaise and mix all together. Season with mustard, salt or ground pepper. Then mix well again.

Finally wrap up the salad with ham. 

Own opinion

Every family has got different recipe. And passes down through generations.


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